Boxed Brownies

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Due to Christmas and general life-related craziness, this review is long overdue, so apologies to Boxed Brownies for just how long it’s taken me to turn my scribbled notes into a legible blog post.

I was recently lucky enough to receive a package of goodies from Boxed Brownies, a Sheffield-based duo who not only make delicious brownies, but have that kind of special, homemade vibe you only get from local and independent businesses.  

Just flicking through their website left me with a smile on my face, as I read about Clive and Hayley baking batches of brownies in their cottage kitchen and then heading out to sell them from their renovated vintage horse box, not to mention their tales of the time Clive almost made it through to the Great British Bake Off.

Just to top it off, the website also reveals that all the eggs used in Boxed Brownies come from Clive and Hayley’s free range chickens, who go by the names of Tilly-the-Hen, Jessica Hennis (haha!) Rocky Rhode and Cabbage. A big part of shopping locally is knowing where your food comes from, but knowing the names of the chickens who laid the eggs definitely takes this to a whole new level!

But are their brownies any good? Well, shortly before Christmas I had the chance to find out, as on a dark, rainy night Clive hand-delivered a box of homemade brownies direct to my door.

The package was beautifully presented, wrapped in brown paper, tied up with string and sealed with a “Proudly made in Sheffield” sticker. Inside were 6 brownies, wrapped in greaseproof paper that was printed with lots of different words relating to Sheffield, and sealed with another “Proudly made in Sheffield” sticker. I don’t think I’ve ever raved about cardboard and greaseproof paper before, but this whole box was so beautifully presented, I just had to take a photo of it.  

boxed brownies sheffield eats

At this point, I realised we had a big problem. Since the package had been delivered at night, the lighting was all wrong for taking photos. I spent a good 10 minutes running around the house with my box of brownies and camera phone, but eventually I had to admit defeat: I was going to have to wait until tomorrow so I could take photos in natural light. Which meant no brownie supper for me. Disaster.

Fast forward to the next day, and as soon as I got home from work I made myself a brew and got settled on the sofa for some serious brownie-eating action.

boxed brownies 2 sheffield eats.jpg

All 6 flavours looked delicious, so I decided to kick things off with the one I didn’t think think I’d be so keen on (the stollen) and then work my way up from there. It wasn’t that the stollen didn’t look good, because it did, I’m just not that crazy about stollen in general. So I was pretty surprised to find that I loved Boxed Brownie’s take on this festive favourite.

stollen sheffield eats.jpeg

Boxed Brownie’s stollen was packed full of juicy raisins and big chunks of sweet and zesty candied lemon, which also gave the stollen a satisfying crunch. My only niggle is that the stollen was a bit on the dry side on its own – but it was perfect with a cup of tea.

all the brownies sheffield eats.jpeg

Boxed Brownies were off to a strong start by making me fall in love with something I didn’t think I even liked, so now I was really looking forward to the other 5 flavours. Next up, was cranberry and pistachio.

cranberry brownie sheffield eats.jpeg

This was my first taste of the dense, rich dark chocolate brownie that seems to form the base of most of Boxed Brownie’s culinary creations. The crunchy pistachios contrasted nicely with the velvety texture of the brownie, and the cranberries added a burst of tartness to this otherwise incredibly rich chocolate treat. Another hit!

Next up was the cardamom and ginger brownie.

ginger brownie sheffield eats.jpeg

The crystallised ginger gave this brownie a unique sandy texture, and although the ginger wasn’t particularly strong it did add a nice background hum of warmth to this very seasonal brownie.

And speaking of seasonal treats, it doesn’t get more autumnal than Boxed Brownie’s bonfire toffee and marshmallow creation. This brownie caught my eye the second I opened the box – I mean, just look at it!

toffee brownie sheffield eats.jpeg

Basically, I love everything about this brownie. The marshmallows genuinely do taste toasted, which just screams fireworks, sparklers, candied apples and all that autumn/winter goodness. This was easily my favourite brownie of the bunch.

After polishing off the wonderful bonfire toffee brownie, it was time to move onto the amaretto and rosemary flavoured brownie.

rosemary brownie sheffield eats.jpeg

This was a much less chocolatey brownie, and the rosemary gave it a subtle savoury taste. After so many rich chocolate brownies this was a very welcome change.

Finally, it was time to tuck into what I anticipated would be my favourite of them all: the salted caramel.

salted caramel brownie sheffield eats.jpeg

I love anything salted caramel flavoured, and Boxed Brownie’s salted caramel brownie didn’t disappoint. It was visibly sticky and incredibly moreish, so even though I was full from scoffing the previous 5 brownies, the salted caramel vanished in no time. It was just too good to put down!

And so concluded my Boxed Brownies feast. I loved everything in the box, including the stollen (to my surprise), but what really sealed the deal was Boxed Brownie’s attention to detail, right down to the Sheffield-themed greaseproof paper they wrap their brownies in. This would make a lovely present for a foodie friend, or anyone who loves goodies from boutique, independent companies.

You can order your own box of 6 brownies for £15 from the Boxed Brownies website. If you do decide to treat yourself, I’d definitely go for the mixed box so you can try lots of different flavours at once.



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