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I’ve had my eye on the Tea Experience’s beautiful flowering tea for a while now. So with the Christmas expense successfully behind me, I decided to treat myself and splash out on their flowering tea starter kit.

The Tea Experience are South Yorkshire-based purveyors of fine teas and tea accessories, including authentic Yixing teapots, quirky glass teaware, and high-quality loose leaf tea. But it’s their flowering tea blooms that really make them stand out, with their double-whammy promise of both “good tasting tea” and a “stunning display.” A quick Google search reveals that these flowering tea blooms are made by wrapping dried tea leaves around one or more dried flowers, then sewing the whole thing up into an unassuming little ball. When popped into hot water, the bundle expands in a way that mimics a blooming flower.

For flowering tea novices, The Tea Experience offer a ‘Flowering Tea Blooms: Boxed Set’ which includes a selection box of six tea blooms, alongside a Lin glass teapot and two glass tea bowls. The set arrives neatly packaged, with every piece in a separate box marked with a differently-coloured sticky label.

When I unpacked the Lin tea pot I was surprised by how small it was, but then I unpacked the two tea bowls and the teapot suddenly seemed enormous by comparison!


The dinky tea bowls are far smaller than any I’ve seen in a restaurant. Feeling a little shortchanged, I turned my attention to the tea blooms themselves, which are very nicely presented in individual cardboard compartments, individually wrapped and marked with a different coloured sticker so you can tell one little green bundle from the next.


Size of the glassware aside, this is a very nicely turned out kit that would made a fantastic present.

But what about the tea itself? As soon as I popped the first bloom into hot water a few air bubbles popped to the surface, then one-by-one the spiky little leaves started to unfold. When the bloom drops to the bottom of the bowl you know the real show is about to start, as the flower finally pushes its way out.

My first mug turned out to be the red amaranth and jasmine blossom tea bloom:


As the set comes with a selection box of tea blooms, I was also treated to the dramatic Dragon’s Eye bloom, which is made from a marigold,vibrant red amaranth and a snaking vine of jasmine blossom. This is a truly spectacular cuppa – definitely one to save for a dinner party!

In terms of taste, all the teas have a delicate flavour and are much lighter than herbal tea. It’s also one of the most refreshing cuppas I’ve ever had! Although you can refill the teapot a few times before each bloom runs out of juice, the real flavour comes from the first brew and subsequent cups do begin to taste like hot water.

The Tea Experience’s flowering tea is a unique present and a novelty that you’ll want to share with anyone who drops by your house. While it isn’t the tastiest or strongest hot drink, it’s a light, refreshing brew that leaves you feeling extra hydrated. Worth splashing out on if you fancy trying something different!

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  1. That looks fantastic. I got to try getting someof those blooms

  2. It’s a bit of a pain having to buy all the glass teaware beforehand, but it’s worth it! It’s fascinating to watch the blooms opening up.

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