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Sheffield seems to be in the grip of a real coffee revolution, with more independent coffee shops than ever before. However, if you’re after some high-quality, locally-roasted beans for your home-brewed morning cuppa, it’s not immediately obvious where to go. This is the niche Sheffield-based Foundry Coffee are looking to fill.

Formed fairly recently (March of this year, in fact) Foundry Coffee take ethically sourced beans, roast them to order and get them to you in double-quick time via first class post, in packaging that’s designed to fit through your letterbox. For anyone who doesn’t enjoy spending their Saturday mornings in the queue at the Royal Mail delivery office, the latter is an absolute blessing.

So far so good but, of course, it all hinges on the product. Are Foundry Coffee’s beans any cop?

First impressions are encouraging, as the finished product arrives in a packet that boasts a mouth-watering description worthy of a wine menu at a posh restaurant, and you can find out when your beans were roasted, and by whom, on the back of the packet.

It’s this attention to detail, not to mention clear pride and enthusiasm for the product, that puts Sheffield’s independents miles ahead of their big-chain competition.

Of course, Foundry Coffee is far more expensive than the jar of own brand stuff you can pick up at Tesco’s, with prices ranging from £12 to £16 for a bag of beans. However, upon opening the bag I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of beans this buys you.

A hefty price tag, but you do get enough beans to remain highly caffeinated for weeks on end. Foundry Coffee aren’t stingy when it comes to the quantity of beans.

Actually, the smell alone is likely to make you twitchy. Even before grinding, expect to be hit by that delicious aroma of roasted coffee. By the time you’ve ground up your first batch, the entire house will smell of fresh coffee. Caffeine fans will be desperate for a cuppa after just one whiff of the stuff!

After leaving to brew for a few minutes, it was finally time to enjoy the fruits of our labour – and it’s pretty potent stuff! Absolutely impossible to compare to instant coffee, our bag of Rwanda beans produced a strong, heady brew with some subtly fruity flavours, and a vaguely smoky aftertaste. If you’re not already a coffee bean regular, the distinctive taste (and sheer strength!) will take some getting used to but, once you have, it’ll ruin instant coffee for you forever.

If you’re feeling flush with cash then it’s well worth investing in a bumper bag of Foundry Coffee beans. For your cash, you get enough coffee to keep you buzzing for a good solid month, and the freshness, strength and complex taste of the coffee will take your morning cuppa to a whole new level.

Visit to find out more.


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