Spotlight: Tamper Coffee

September 8, 2012 at 2:44 pm | Posted in Cafe, Features | 1 Comment

You may have noticed that I’m a bit of a fan of Tamper Coffee; Sheffield’s very own gourmet coffee shop on Westfield Terrace. If you’re not already in the know, Tamper Coffee serve up the best coffee in the city (made with super fresh Our Cow Molly milk, no less) alongside a selection of mouth-watering sweet treats, and some of the best smoked salmon and cream cheese bagels you’ve ever tasted (no exaggeration.)

After developing a full-blown addiction to Tamper Coffee’s ‘Kiwi classic’ flat white, we caught up with owner Jon Perry, to find out the story behind Sheffield’s top coffee shop.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself, pre-Tamper Coffee?

Jon: I lived In Auckland New Zealand and worked within the coffee industry over there. My wife and mother are from Sheffield, so the UK was not unfamiliar to me.

What led you to open a New Zealand-influenced coffee shop, in the heart of Sheffield?

Jon: Setting up Tamper Coffee in Westfield terrace was very much unknown initially for us. Sheffield is hugely dominated by chains so to set up an independent coffee shop with a very New Zealand theme and influence was a risk, but we believed in our product and felt this type of offering was long overdue in Sheffield.

There’s no shortage of coffee shops in city centers nowadays, and Sheffield is certainly no exception – what do you feel makes Tamper Coffee stand out from the crowd?

Jon: I agree there are no shortage of chains in the inner city. Tamper is very customer focused, and we know our product well and are passionate about it. We try to create an environment where people feel comfortable and enjoy the experience.

You opened Tamper Coffee in Winter last year – how have the past ten months been for you guys? What’s been the highlight?

Jon: It’s been an enjoyable 10 months, hard work but hugely rewarding. We have enjoyed meeting with some amazing and talented individuals, but the biggest highlight is the people that come in and support us daily and weekly.

How does the ‘coffee scene’ in Sheffield and the UK, compare to New Zealand’s attitude towards the coffee shop?

Jon: There is a real cafe culture in New Zealand and the standard of coffee is very high. Independents rule because they stand for quality and consistency. Coffee shops are a very social environment to meet family and friends. The UK produces some great coffee shops and some of the best coffee, but the majority still feel coffee should be served in a oversized cup and boiling hot. The more people experience good coffee through independents, the standard will change for the better.

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